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Mpp Pipe for High Voltage Electricity Cable 02

Product Description

MPP pipe is  invented by  HENGJIE for the protection of High Voltage Electricity Cable in 2003 for
Shanghai City Goverment. With high rigidity and intensity, this product has the advantages of high
toughness, easy installation and 50 years service life.This kind of pipe had been widely used in Chinese
electricity companies since then.

Characteristics of MPP Pipe
1. High rigidity and intensity
This products have better ring stiffness,tensile strength,bending strength than PE pipe even when the
environment temperature reach 60 ℃.
Compared with the HDPE pipe, the ring stiffness of MPP pipe is 30% higher, the tensile strength is 25%
higher and the bending strength is 50% higher.

2. Excellent external pressure resistance
With excellent toughness, this product has strong impact strength and it will not be broken even when
heavy stuffs run over it directly.At the same time, it has good sedimentation resistance and thus it can be
used in soft soil and drift sand environment.

3. Smaller density and lighter
The density of MPP pipe is one ninth of the steel pipe,95% of PE100 pipe and 65% of the UPVC pipe. It's
easy and convenient to install and move.

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