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Fujian Hengjie Plastic New Material Co., Ltd. is a joint venture (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) specializing in R&D, production, sales, design and installation of polyolefin pipeline products. It is located in Yuxi Industrial Zone, Fuqing City, Fujian Province.2000Established in year, registered capital1.51Billion. Since its establishment, it has successively won honors such as China's well-known trademarks, national laboratories, academician expert workstations, etc., and applied for9Product invention patents,79A utility model patent. Involving water supply and drainage, gas, electricity, heating, nuclear power, marine and other fields.

Company Guidelines

  • Business philosophy
  • Our mission
  • Quality policy
  • Our vision
  • core value
  • Create first-class enterprises, produce first-class products,
    Create a first-class environment and cultivate first-class talents.

  • Use the best plastic pipes to benefit mankind

  • Outstanding quality, pursuit of eternity

  • Become a world-class supplier of plastic pipes

  • Yang Shan: Thank you for everything, blame yourself and forgive others; be honest and trustworthy, ensure quality and quantity.
    Concentration: Concentrate and strive for perfection; be mindful and do a good job of pipeline.
    Pragmatic: Steady operation and active innovation; do not try to make false statements, but seek practical results.

\"Excellent quality, pursuit of eternity\"

Management philosophy

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