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Talent Concept
Recruitment purpose
The most valuable asset is employees who have the spirit of service and sense of responsibility, and are competent in the company's positions.
Management policy
Acknowledge human needs, value human value, develop human potential and encourage human creativity.
Management goals-people-oriented
Create fair opportunities for employees' personal development.
Provide good conditions and facilities for employees to receive new information, learn new knowledge, and master new skills.
Build a first-class workforce and focus on quality training.
Cultivate employees' sense of pride and belonging.
High salary

Benefits: holiday welfare products, travel fund, year-end bonus, five insurances and one housing fund, 13 salary/bonus, statutory holidays, annual vacations and other paid holidays. Include food and shelter.

Contact: Miss Li/Miss Yang

Contact number: 0591-85680892/13809525039 (same number on WeChat)
Address: Yuxi Industrial Park, Fuqing City

  • Injection molding operator

    3 people, salary 3500-5000; no gender limit, junior high school degree or above, hardworking, responsible, under 48 years old.

  • Warehouse Clerk

    1 person, salary: 2000-3000; requirements: junior high school education or above.

  • Security guard

    1 person. Salary: 3000; Requirements: 30-53 years old, can use WeChat.

  • Warehouse Assistant

    1 person, salary: 5000 or more, 25-45 years old, 5 years of warehouse management experience.

  • Trade commissioner

    1 person, salary: 6000+ rake; English level 4, able to explore the market by himself.

  • Cleaners

    1 person, salary: 3500, age under 53 years old. Hardworking and clean.

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